Understanding the Composition of Hair do Hair

To understand the specificities of greffe cheveux afro paris hair, we have a tendency to should 1st be able to grasp the nuances between a swish hair and a kinky hair.

In general, the hair fiber consists of 3 distinct parts: the cuticle, the secretion and therefore the cortex.

The first is on the surface of the hair and consists of scleroprotein scales unsmooth to every different within the manner of the hexangular rays fashioned by the bees in their hive. The cuticle’s role is to shield the hair from external attacks and making an attempt to take care of their natural shine and strength.

Sebum is that the lubricating substance that shines this cuticle and protects it from dehydration.

Finally, the cortex is that the decisive consider the standard of the hair: its physical property, its color, its texture and its resistance betting on its characteristics.

In a person with hairdo hair, kinky kind, secretion has a nice problem in spreading equally on the cuticle throughout the hair. this provides a very dry side to the hair and makes them dehydrated and fragile hair. Since these kinky hair is volute, they break abundant quicker once they square measure further dry, lack of scleroprotein take care of example.

The different practices and hairstyles of girls with this sort of hair are terribly harmful to them. the numerous straightening done to own swish hair, in addition because the skinny braids created to discipline the hair will go till the overall disappearance of the hair in some places. Indeed, the acceleration of the hair’s life cycle ensuing from these practices will result in a retreat of the frontal line within the case of a traction baldness (because of the braids), and of a chemical baldness within the case several straightening or smoothing hair.

How to treat phalacrosis on hairdo hair?

It is necessary to emphasize that no variety of hair is spared by the looks or development of phalacrosis. However, every patient with specific wants, it’s wise to hold out associate degree etiological assessment. This step can permit our doctor to see if it’s potential to seek out a treatment to limit the autumn of your kinky hair.

Whether you’re a lady or a person, hairdo hair needs special care. Indeed, to alter their styling daily, several of our patients select solutions like straightening or weaving. within the end of the day, these practices will cause the development of phalacrosis on your kinky hair. this can be known as hair loss phalacrosis or traction baldness.

Traction alopecia: what solutions?

As mentioned higher than, some hairstyles or recurrent weaving ways will harm the hair mass and within the future, the bulbs will find yourself being broken. These completely different explanations crystal rectifier our hairdo hair specialist, Dr. Paul Benet based mostly in Paris, to propose solutions custom-made to any or all our patients with kinky hair.

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