There is a minute in everybody’s life when they have a definitive acknowledgment… a revelation maybe. They understand that past everything that this world brings to the table, past our lives, past our wars, past our loves, and past our abhor, that there is a lot more out there… Yes my companions it is the acknowledgment of unimportance. The minute when every one of us understand how imperceptibly little we are in the terrific structure of the universe. At that time, that peculiarity of unity with all the fixings, there is no high contrast, no dark colored or yellow, no Christian or Muslim, no gay or straight. Open There is no contrast among you and each other grain of sand over the region of existence. At that time we should simply judge ourselves. How have our lives affected the universe? In spite of the fact that the waves we may make are inconceivably little, waves despite everything they are. They travel outward in swells falling into the rushes of others. What will be your inheritance? By what means will you lead your life once you have your revelation? On the off chance that you have not had it yet I welcome you to watch this video and offer with me the outright stunningness and wonder that it motivates. View the world and what lay past with new eyes and feel that acknowledgment wash over you in a deluge of stunned feeling. Disregard for one minute what you have been advised to think or feel and simply let the universe in… I guarantee you when it hits you it will blow your mind and ideally, similar to me, in view of that revelation, you will never be the equivalent…

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