Creative Writing Ideas for Kids

Writing helps your kids to effectively develop their thoughts, express their feelings and play with their imagination. This also serves as a fun yet educational activity for your kids. However, getting your kids into writing may be difficult, because of the other “fun” activities that they have: like playing and watching cartoons. You can motivate your kids to write often with these creative writing ideas.

Storybook Writing: Let your kids use their wide imagination in writing their own storybook. Tell them that they are free to create their own stories and illustrations for their creative masterpiece. Help your kids polish their storybook by checking their spelling and grammar.

Headline Writing: 500 words essay a weird and funny headline can be interesting for your kids, because they can make up their own news stories. Think of creative poster ideas for your kids’ headline writing, so they can have their headlines posted on their bedroom wall.

Poetry Writing: Your kids can write poems about topics that interest them such as animals, trains, or people. Have them recite their own poems after your family dinner and award the best poet.

Song Lyrics: Kids love singing their favorite songs that is why they will definitely enjoy singing their own song lyrics. Prepare a “Performance Night” for your kids to sing their own compositions.

Journal: Your kids can record their day to day activities and experiences. Journals are also helpful especially when your kids are too shy to say what they feel at the moment. For instance, your kid might feel upset after losing in his football game, let him release all his frustrations on paper. This will make him feel better afterwards.

Slogan: Let your kids come up with their own inspiring slogan. Choose

sticker printing for your kids’ slogan so they can put their slogan in their room, school locker or lunchbox.

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